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Born In Flight is a global talent transformation company providing Gold Standard Workshops in the area of Human Development and Growth since 2014. Born In Flight is dedicated to expanding the key technologies of Training & Business Leadership. Head-quartered at Bangalore, India, Born In Flight has strong presence in over 7 cities across India.

We offer L&D and OD expertise to our clients in the area of Leadership, Performance Management, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Sports Psychology Coaching, Employee Engagement, Change & Transition, Sales Development, Customer Service, Trainer’s Development, Career Progression and much more through our customized NLP Interventions, Outbound Programs, structured Classroom Interventions, Coaching, and Assessment Development Centres.

HR Heads, Business Heads, Consultants, Leaders and Trainers from various esteemed organisations including have successfully gone through our gold standard workshops in the last five years.


Our various structured services have been designed in a way to help people from various walks of life gain deep insight and achieve anything they set their mind to.

“Nurturing the seeds of success in every individual through engaging and creative programs in the great outdoors”

Participants exposed to nature bring back to work harmony within themselves and synergy within the team. Nature can be a grand backdrop for any desired outcomes. Experiential and outbound training methods enhance the ‘stickiness’ of learnings.  Activities in outbound programs are designed to simulate work life in a way that is fun. Therefore insights from outbound programs are carried into work situations and quickly applied. Outcomes can include:

  • Team BuildingTeam-building activities are a way to provide high-impact learning, increase team skills and communications, and improve morale and productivity.
  • Outdoor LeadershipLeadership development includes all those activities that enhance the capacity of an individual or organization to lead well. A strong leadership at every level of an organization are essential to its strategic alignment, effectiveness and success.
  • CommunicationThe outbound activities help one to gain confidence and express himself/herself in various situations and improve the work environment as well.
  • Conflict ManagementGoing through the process of resolving conflict expands people’s awareness, and gives them an insight into how they can achieve their goals without undermining others.
  • Change ManagementParticipants will have the opportunity to recall times that change work best for them and will identify their personal patterns in change management. They will also learn how to face future changes with less anxiety.
  • Team SynergyThere’s no surefire formula to do it, it’s not as straightforward as 1+1 =2; in which, aside from knowledge and skills, it requires practice, experience, time, patience and commitment.
  • Values & CultureOutdoors are the best backdrop for living by values and reinforcing culture through practice and camaraderie.


Yes or No

Live Out Of The Box



Experience the benefits of making work life more fun! Reach us now!

“We offer Gold Standard Workshops in the area of Human Development and Growth. We help our clients and delegates achieve peak performance through our signature programs.”

We believe in the power of human context and its ability to effect consequential and permanent change and make learning Personal & Relevant to each of the participating delegates in our programs.




NLP For Sales

Lead Your Way


Experience the benefits of making work life more fun! Reach us now!

“We offer Gold Standard Workshops in the area of Human Development and Growth. We help our clients and delegates achieve peak performance through our signature programs.”

NLP teaches people how to think and communicate in more useful ways and it explores how we think and how we behave.  In a nutshell, NLP refers to three most important facets in creating our human experience- Neurology/ Language/Programming.  NLP describes the relationship between the Mind (Neuro)-Thoughts, Language (Linguistic) and how they impact our Body & and Behavior (Programming).  NLP is also called the Science of Excellence and the Art of change.

If you’ve ever found yourself repeatedly falling into the same emotional or behavioral patterns and if these patterns prevent you from achieving your goal, then the solution lies in the NLP for practitioners course. With the tools and techniques that you can acquire through the NLP for Practitioner course, you will be able to free yourself of the negative cycle and be able to achieve your goals. Change your life with the additional knowledge skills by attending the NLP Practitioner course.

It helps to develop the resourcefulness to apply NLP approaches in different areas of life for tremendous and amazing results thereby allowing to rediscover  yourself and create a compelling future. Experience and prepare yourself for miracles as this course is set to bring about shifts at all 5 levels of existential living.


NLP Practitioners

NLP Master Practitioners

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Experience Change, Breakthrough, Transformation through Choice, Freedom & Flexibility. Are you Ready?

“When the student in you is ready, the teacher will appear”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


We at Born In Flight constantly strive for talking our tribe along and propel our community to the next level. We make the trainer’s program effortlessly effective because we believe in Knowledge Multiplication and Community Growth.

Brace yourself for India’s finest Trainer Development Courses that will:

  • Propel your training career to the next level
  • Learn through real time experiences, rather than PPTs and videos
  • Find your own style of facilitation
  • Master the art of question that will ease your facilitation
  • Earn more and learn even more in the journey of fun and excitement with us


Train The Trainer

Speak2Win Trainer Certification Program


Reach us now!

Assessing the competencies required for a role and grading these competencies required for a role

Assessing an individual’s role and performance and helping them understand their competency level


A CM-ADC will encompass a battery of assessment tools that include Projective Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Group Task, Leadership Task, Group Discussion, Cognitive Test, Competence Based Interview, Feedback etc.

All interventions are customized to suit organizational requirement and participants’ calibration level.

CM-ADC encourages participants to enjoy the experiential journey of individuation, self exploration, inquiry and reflection on one’s own behaviour.

Purpose of Assessment Development Center includes:

  • Promotion
  • Hiring
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Individual Development Plan


Experience the benefits of making work life more fun! Reach us now!

“The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t but in the things you’ve never considered doing” – Richard Bandler

Reach us now!

We at Born In Flight endeavour to create a transformation in your life and put wind beneath your wings to help your dreams soar. Reach us now to embrace a constructive change!

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  • I was curious to understand what NLP is all about and how it will help me understand myself and to address some of the challenges i face both on a personal level and as a professional. I think Born In Flight did fantastic job in arranging this workshop professionally and I think the best part of the workshop for me was to meet people from different walks of life, which enriched the whole experience for me and with little bit of more practice on a sustained basis NLP would do wonders to me as a person.

    VP for digital operation, Fork Technologies, Bangalore
  • I am responsible for surgical business in Indian market. The program was wonderful and it has given a lot of insights in terms of the team, activity and engaging customers. It was not just a program on training it was more of fun learning activity and if I have to describe this program in one word, its engaging.

    Carl Zeiss
  • This is a big conference for us, around 150 people coming together so this required different approach like team work, how we speak to the customers, how we welcome the customer and how we show the solution because there is a lot of competition around. There were different requirement for different programs in past 4 years and Born In Flight rose up to those occasion and tailor made the programs for us, what I could say in one word would be its custom made for your need.

    Arun Shetty
    Sales Head, Carl Zeiss
  • The program was awesome and it was more of fun based. The main thing which i liked about the program was, it was not a gyan session. Everything was communicated through games. It was very short and crisp. Thank you.

    Talent Team, Deloitte, Bangalore
  • The experience was really good. The playing with number actually we do everyday but this was an innovative way to play with numbers. We definitely learned about team building, how to interact, how to communicate with the team. Definitely a great experience. Thank you Born In Flight.

    Abhishek Kedia
    Deputy Manager, Deloitte, Bangalore
  • I definitely enjoyed the Train-the-Trainer program, it has been amazing!! The content, your extraordinary way to be effective, so cheerful and able to create such a spontaneous engaging learning experience! I’m sure, as happened to me, our colleagues could learn a lot from this program. Thank you for (I would not say teaching or coaching nor sharing) making us learn by living your experience, knowledge and tips regarding your great job.


    Tiziana Barca
    Candidates & Service Management Director, Adecco Group AG
  • It’s been a great transforming experience! Thanks to the great mentor Prakash Rao. Blessed to be guided by the excellent trainer & life coach.

    Rakesh KS
    Entrepreneur, Water Treatment, Bangalore
  • After attending the program I created a list of alternative physical fitness activities for various time duratons and various times of the day. Successfully initiated a set of activities for tracking progress in business.

    Satish K
    Director, Protech Microsystems Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
  • Though I had a fair idea of what changes I needed to make in myself, I didn’t know the how-to part of it. And thankfully NLP provided the ‘how’ part of change.

    Hemant Vijay
    Embedded Software Developer, Bangalore
  • Attending this two amazing days NLP workshop has worked wonders for me.Learning about NLP has brought the best out of my inner self & keeps me motivated to face any challenges gracefully.

    Sneha Masurkar
    HR Manager, Zicom, Mumbai
  • The program introduced the basic concepts of NLP. The  training program in general was superb as now I am more focused on things that matter. It also enhanced my concentration level as well.

    Rupesh Nagda
    CEO, Parivartan Learning Solutions, Mumbai
  • Nlp has helped me to be an effective communicator in a group environment and overcoming the fear of addressing the senior management which is a great learning experience.

    Advanced Specialist, Goldman Sachs , Bangalore

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