“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.”  – John Whitmore 

Coaching is a process where the client gets assistance, guidance and support for achieving optimum results at individual, group or organisational level. For example a person wants to work on confidence, they can take individual sessions. Some leaders who want to uplift the group can opt for group coaching that enhances employees relationships by solving conflicts. 

There are multiple types of coaching, like group coaching where the aim is to improve the relationship of the group. Executive coaching where the individual skills are developed that drives him towards success in his/her business. Leadership coaching is where all the issues a leader faces gets strategies and solutions. 

Coaching enhances lifestyle, relationships, confidence, mindset, skills and leads you towards growth and success. It manages your performance, time and habits to ensure progress and guide you towards your desired goal.

Coaching - Put wind beneath your wings!

Executive Coaching Centre in Bangalore

Be it a game of sports, politics or business, a lot depends on the performance and outcomes. Coaching helps you achieve peak performance and unlock your true potential. True leaders work not only at the behavior level but also at the mindset and beliefs which differentiates short-term gains and long-term transformation.


Executive Coaching

Do you want to improve your performance dramatically? As a Leader, do you want to fast track your growth, for yourself and your team? Do you want to unleash your true self and propel to great heights? If yes, then explore the limitless possibilities with Executive Coaching. CXOs, Senior Managers, Business Heads sign-up to enhance your personal impact and performance. Prepare for role/career changes, manage conflict or crisis. Create your own strategies to manage emotions and influence people around you. Have flexibility in your behaviors and thoughts.

Leadership Coaching

The coaching process gives a leader new perspectives and focuses. Helps leaders implement personal and organizational change by providing support and keeping them focused on attaining their personal and professional goals. The coach’s role is to help remove the obstacles that stand in the way of the leader attaining their goals. • Establish and take action towards achieving goals. • Become more self-reliant. • Gain more job and life satisfaction. • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organization. • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments.

Group Coaching

Systemic coaching focuses on the parts, and the connections between the parts, as an organic systemic whole that may include the whole organization, its stakeholders and customers, as well as the wider industrial and ecological context that the organization interacts with. • Bring real clarity and focus. • Discover blocks, finds hidden resources, and resolution. • Provides powerful diagnostics for individuals, teams, and businesses at a refreshing pace. • Helps clients to find their ‘place’ using a uniquely powerful approach. • Invites greater trust and recognition, personal accountability, and responsibility.

Sales Coaching

Whether you are a start-up or a large corporate, create plans that will help you achieve your greatest goals and meet your organization’s specific needs. Drive 3x, 5x, 10x your business numbers. Fly out of the comfort zone and scale your business. Maximize profitability. Stay ahead of the competition. • Boost your revenue • Improve productivity and enhance efficiency • Close bigger business deals with ease • Bring in New Clients and Appease Current Ones • Inspire creativity and promote innovation

Business Coaching

Are you a Business Owner? Are you a Business Head in a Large Corporate? Are you a Sales Head/Manager in your company? If so, are you yearning to see your Sales Numbers grow 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x or more? Ordinary men and women produce Extraordinary results, all they need is extraordinary ideas and strategies. Explore Business Coaching to draw and design extraordinary ideas and strategies for yourself, your team and geographies that you are operating in. Create actions and accountability that will guarantee you results all the time.

Sports Psychology

Are you yearning to excel in a competitive sport? Are you aiming to score high at national or international level? Are you an young athlete trying in break into bigger stage? The longest, fastest and the most important game happens 6 inches between your ears. Yes! inside your mind. Mental training is about getting your mind to a place where you can work through discomforts, make passion work for you and realize long held dreams. Explore Sports Psychology Coaching to rewire your mind and achieve Peak Performance.

Meet Our Coaches

Prakash Rao

Executive and Performance Coach

Master Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation (MCC, ICF)
Certified Systemic Team Coach
International NLP Trainer