1. NLP Business Practitioner Certification

Date: 21st to 24th January 2021

Time: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Fees: ₹11,999/-

Details: Do you u want to experience the magic of Neuro Linguistic Programming
We always dream of success And work hard for it, what if Success Is already chasing you?
Be there to know you…

Place: Online through Laptop/Tablets

Name of Facilitator: Prakash Rao

Empower yourself with more…

-Instant rapport building techniques

-Art of influencing at will

-New paradigms & perceptions for life

-Understand how you think & how you communicate

-Create a compelling future for yourself

-Understand others & be flexible

-Generate unlimited possibilities & opportunities for yourself

-Embrace & learn all emotions

-And much more…                                      

Check This link for a glimpse of a batch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWw5UC4DEck

2. Speak2Win: Advance Communication Skills Course

What does it take to inspire others?


Communication is the first step in achieving the same. Discover the key secrets of a great influencer and build instant rapport and trust. We are happy to announce that we are on Udemy Learning Platform.


Mr. Prakash Rao, Coach & International Trainer has put up “Speak2Win Advance Communication Skills Course” on Udemy which is based on advanced psychological tools to influence anyone at will.

Sign up for the course and take your personal & professional goals to the next level with us!

What you’ll learn:

– Advance Communication Skills

– Milton Erickson Advance Language Patterns for greater Influence

– Meta Model to challenge any communication and Influence

– Goals of Communication

– Barriers and Gateways of Communication

– How to build instant Rapport & Trust

– Action Triangle for Effective Communication

– Power of Active Listening and Pause in Communication

– How to create Positive Affirmations for life and career

– Drivers of Communication

– How to re-create your Map of the World

– Brain Principles for understanding communication

– Speaking to the Unconscious

– Influencing anyone at Will


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