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Next-generation course on communication & influence

Influence Anyone at Will. Build Instant Rapport & Trust. Use Positive Affirmations and make your Unconscious your Friend

Our course is designed based on Neuro Linguistic Programming’s Milton Erickson Model, Meta Model, Meta Programs and encompasses powerful brain principles that makes the course holistic and significant to 21st century professionals. We have used tried and tested methods in verbal and non-verbal communication operators / techniques that works almost always, when used in its true spirits.

 By attending this course you will discover some of the key secrets of great leaders & influencers; the inseparable correlation between communication, unconscious mind & action. Think of a Logistics team in any company, it has processes and outcomes that almost every time produce standard outcomes. Competent bodies even associate grading parameters like six sigma for the quality outputs. Similarly advanced communication skills can produce standard outcomes in the areas of influencing the teams, propelling actions and building trust throughout the organisation.

By attending this course, you will...

  • Discover advanced communication tools that are specifically designed to empower leaders/managers communicate in today’s uncertain, volatile, not so simple and ever evolving space around us.
  • Effortlessly improve your ability to communicate with Clarity, Build Trust & Propel Action
  • Influence anyone at will. Personally and professionally command more attention and collaborators in anything to do and lead.

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