Our Story

There are things you aspire to do, be or achieve, so how to get there? Like the white Himalayan bird lives in flight, puts wind beneath it’s wings and starts flying, we work with you to help you touch limitless skies of success. 

Ours is an idea that celebrate the success of all those who are Born In Flight. Its time to reclaim your treasure so you can share your gifts with the world. Together we will uncover

  • The answers to the challenges of life.
  • We will help you to know and understand yourself deeper from the inside out.

Born in Flight is the story of a mythical Himalayan bird that lives completely in flight. It is also the living account of many of us who are born many times while we are still flying! Every time we make changes to our lives, we are born in flight. When we change careers, forge new relationships, explore fresh ideas and take the road less travelled, we are born in flight! And we have to learn to fly all over again, every time, all the time.

We are committed to helping people discover the secrets of self-coaching and reprogramming lives whatever be their goals. Our idea is to celebrate all those are born in flight.

We passionately believes in

  • The abundance potential in the human context
  • The transformational strength human beings possess
  • The revolutionary change that individuals can bring about in their own lives and in their spheres of influence in society

Sign up for your flying sessions. And we will help you discover the bird in you that is born flying.

Get ready and take your flight!

Meet Our Team

Meet Prakash Rao

Executive and Performance Coach, Master Trainer 
Every person is a ‘Hero’ in her/his life, Prakash Rao’s quest is helping individuals discover the ‘Hero’ in them and explore the ‘Heroics’ they are capable of.
Executive & Performance Coach. International NLP Trainer. Sports and Adventure Enthusiast. Marathon Runner and Certified Mountaineer. Founder – Born In Flight, Coaching, Consulting and Talent Transformation Company.


As an established Coach & Facilitator in Talent Transformation, Prakash Rao is sought after in India & South Asia in the field of Applied Behavioral Sciences.
With over 18 years of experience as a Coach & Facilitator, Prakash Rao has coached and mentored leaders and managers who have engaged in forming a ‘cult’ way of defining and achieving outcomes for themselves and others.
After delivering hundreds of live trainings around the globe, his coaching methods and online trainings have reached over 50,000 people from 18 countries.
High-end expertise in putting NLP at work in the areas of Sales Development, Leadership Development, Communication Excellence, Executive & Life Coaching, Customer Service, Trainer’s Development, Culture & Values, Change Management, Etc.
As an Adventure Enthusiast and he has often defied conventional methods and helped his students disrupt established ways of managing businesses. Prakash Rao’s students take the untested routes to excel personally and scale greater heights in their professional space.

Have extended expertise in working with SMEs for business transformation, & people management, Business Leaders for Identity crisis and work-life peace. Addresses finer aspects of emotions to overcome fear, phobia, limiting beliefs to achieve change and breakthroughs.
Has coached more than 300 clients in the last 7+ years in the areas of personal & professional transformation and peak performance.
He loves when clients gear-up for and produce astounding results for themselves. He believes in people achieving peak performance, that’s the best way someone truly realise their true potential. He has expertise in the areas of…

  • Performance Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Sports Psychology
  • Master Trainer
  • Growth and Strategy Consultant
  • Key-note Speaker
  • Outdoor Learning Specialist
  • Soon to be Author

Dr. Arpitha Velanky

NLP Business Practitioner, Behavioural Skills Architect. Counsellor

Sridhar Srinivasan

Our Ideas Person & Cheerleader

Harish Vittal N.

Our Strategy & Consulting Stalwart