“Leadership is an action and not a position” – Donald Mcgannon.

A leader takes care of their people’s productivity, stress, mental well-being, and time management and improves skills. But what about the leader? Who will come to their assistance? What if we say they themselves will prove to be their aid? 

Every organization goes through change, be it minute or drastic. Leader has to have a collective mindset rather than thinking for themself. In changing times, a leader has to hold on to employees’ trust, motivate them, and continue inspiring them. But what about the leader’s trust in himself, his/her confidence, and hope. The burden of making any change or transition smooths falls upon the leader. If a leader thinks like a coach, they can sail through the waves efficiently. How about leaders as coaches? Leaders like their employees also feel stressed, upset, confused, and exhausted. They can become their own coach resulting in a support system for themselves and the group. The people following the leader have to handle just themselves. But the responsibility of a leader is to walk together, collectively with all the people. At such times, a leader must also take the individuality together and keep that in contact. A leader is expected to know the weakness and strengths of all. But what about the improvement areas the leader has? How will they manage their skills and weaknesses? What if the leaders can also learn to manage them just like a coach would do that for them. If you need any help, skill training, or guidance, feel free to contact born in flight:

Work motivation

You would know famous leaders and they might inspire you also. Similarly in a workplace, a leader inspires other employees.

Leaders dealing with loneliness

The top level of ladder of success has less people.Leaders who are at a higher position