Leaders dealing with loneliness

The top level of ladder of success has less people. Leaders who are at a higher position might not have a large group for sharing or expressing their feelings. Even if they are leaders, they have emotions that can hinder their wellness. The question arises about whom they will share their feelings with? 

When leaders have to lead themselves and find solutions they have to think like a coach and handle the situation accordingly. Some ways to have a mindset like a coach for leaders who are challenged by stress or loneliness can try to write a journal or diary where they can express their feelings. Another approach a coach uses is to convert negative feelings into positive ones where leaders can use gratitude for even small things which will make them feel positive and change their thinking process and direction. Leaders can use online platforms where there are tests that assess happiness index, stress levels, and many other emotional components where they can have insights into their emotional state. 

People look up to leaders and try to believe in them. Seeing them being the coaches for themselves, inspires others to also have a rational and realistic mindset.