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Shivagange Hills, Tumkur:

Experience a slice of wilderness and a breath of fresh air, just 56 km from Bangalore! Nestled amid rocky Shivagange hills, our campsite is situated off Tumkur Road on NH4; a perfect getaway for those spirited and adventurous. Extremely private and secure, roam like a free soul and revive your senses at Camp. Burn those extra calories and flush away the toxins by hiking up the hills; here you learn to confront challenges with fun. Plan an unforgettable trip and explore the various Outbound training activities under the guidance of experts.

We provide comfortable accommodation in 15 cozy tented cottages with attached bathrooms on a triple sharing basis. Forget all worries and erase all stress, and sleep like a baby in the wilderness in the alpine tents with sleeping bags and foam mats. In addition, we have common toilets and bathrooms for both men and women. Feel at home with a full-fledged kitchen and a dining area, fully equipped to serve your needs. Get back your lively self-right hereā€¦

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OBT activities in campsite

Adventure Activities:


Rock Climbing

Chimney Climbing



Rope Ladder



Kayaking & Other Water Sports

Rope Course

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OBT activities in campsite

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Indoor Team Building Activities:

*Campsite offers large area for any customised games to be conducted as part of OBT


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