Talent Transformation

Would you buy a lottery ticket or invest in a mutual fund?

Your gateway to embrace a positive change

Will you gamble your funds in a game of chance where there’s little hope of winning? Sounds crazy? Millions of people buy tickets with the same hope. How sensible is it to play the lottery when the chance that you’ll lose the money you put in is so high? But the beauty of Lottery is that there will be one or few winners who will be millionaires among thousands who buy a lottery ticket. Similarly in a training program, there will be a few who will walk away with some learning and for rest, the program was just an Event. So do you want to buy lottery tickets in your company? or Invest in Mutual Funds, i.e. put your money on Journey Learning – A blended long-term approach!

Our Signature Programs

Communication Excellence

Advanced communication skills workshop in the context of speaking to the unconscious, propelling action, creating impact. It is not a standard, average, off-the-shelf communication program that talks about body language and eye contact.

NLP For Sales

Have you ever wished for a sales training that’s more than motivational hot air? A program on techniques that actually work; one that teaches you methods guaranteed to grow your sales. Congratulations! You have just discovered one!!!

Yes or No - Leadership Mastery

Leadership is not defined by qualities or set of qualities or some behaviors exhibited, it’s beyond the observable cumulative characteristics. A skeleton-based Gold Standard Leadership Workshop for your First Time Managers to Senior Executives.

NLP Business Master Practitioner

NLP Business Master Practitioner Program will enable you to master & take your NLP Practitioner skills to the next level. This training teaches you how to create your own NLP techniques and you learn how to develop the flexibility to work with anything that people present to you.

Systematic Team Coaching

NLP Business Practitioner

The NLP for Practitioners has been so designed to recreate and redesign your life. This program is a once in a lifetime experience to unwind, experiment ecstasy, explore new depths of choice, freedom and flexibility. It allows you to empower yourself to rejuvenate, heal and harmonize through powerful techniques. Free yourself of all negative emotion and develop the resourcefulness to apply NLP in different areas of your life

Outbound Learning

Participants exposed to nature bring back to work harmony within themselves and synergy within the team. Nature can be a grand backdrop for any desired outcomes. Experiential and outbound training methods enhance the ‘stickiness’ of learnings. Activities in outbound programs are designed to simulate work life in a way that is fun. Therefore insights from outbound programs are carried into work situations and quickly applied. Revitalize your team in an outdoor setting. Life is better outside. Of all the paths that you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

Train The Trainer

We at Born In Flight constantly strive for talking our tribe along and propel our community to the next level. We make the trainer’s program effortlessly effective because we believe in Knowledge Multiplication and Community Growth.Brace yourself for one of India’s finest Trainer Development Courses