Ramanagar is one of the world’s oldest granite outcrops. The hill Ramadevarabetta, along with Savandurga was one of the shooting locations for David Lean’s A Passage to India. Small door like grottoes were made in the rock to resemble caves. It was also in this region that the path-breaking Hindi movie, Sholay, was shot.

Other well-known hills in the region include the Revanasideshwara hill and Handigundi. These hills have been threatened by quarrying and also plans to carve these hills into statues. The region is covered in scrub forest and is home to threatened bird species such as the yellow-throated bulbul and long-billed vultures. The hill is today one of the few locations in south India where long-billed vultures nest. The region is also home to numerous sloth bears. Tigers were found in the region in the 1900s.

OBT activities in campsite

Adventure Activities:

  • Trekking

  • Rappelling

  • Zip-line

  • Rock Climbing

  • Bouldering

  • Jummering

  • Chimney Climbing

  • Rope Ladder

  • Kayaking & Other Water Sports

Team Building Activities:

  • Nature Connect
  • Cooking in Style
  • Paint Ball
  • Fire Walk
  • Ice Breakers
  • Cob Web
  • Acid Walk
  • Dodge Ball
  • Ice Walk
  • Egg Drop
  • Pipeline, Transporting Construction
  • Obstacles
  • Gun Shooting
  • Kite Flying
  • Archery
  • Mission Impossible
  • Chinese Lantern
  • Tent Pitching

Indoor Team Building Activities:

  • Drum Circle
  • Blindfold March
  • I Blind You Blind
  • Tower and Hanoi and Helium stick
  • Pass D Hoopla
  • Acid Ball
  • Ice breakers like Key Punch, Head and Tail
  • Corporate Team Building Activities like Themed events, Corporate Yoga etc.
*Campsite offers large area for any customised games to be conducted as part of OBT


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