Advanced Specialist, Goldman Sachs , Bangalore

Nlp has helped me to be an effective communicator in a group environment and overcoming the fear of addressing the senior management which is a great learning experience.


Rupesh Nagda

CEO, Parivartan Learning Solutions, Mumbai

The program introduced the basic concepts of NLP. The  training program in general was superb as now I am more focused on things that matter. It also enhanced my concentration level as well.


Sneha Masurkar

HR Manager, Zicom, Mumbai

Attending this two amazing days NLP workshop has worked wonders for me.Learning about NLP has brought the best out of my inner self & keeps me motivated to face any challenges gracefully.


Hemant Vijay

Embedded Software Developer, Bangalore

Though I had a fair idea of what changes I needed to make in myself, I didn’t know the how-to part of it. And thankfully NLP provided the ‘how’ part of change.


Satish K

Director, Protech Microsystems Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

After attending the program I created a list of alternative physical fitness activities for various time duratons and various times of the day. Successfully initiated a set of activities for tracking progress in business.


Rakesh KS

Entrepreneur, Water Treatment, Bangalore

It’s been a great transforming experience! Thanks to the great mentor Prakash Rao. Blessed to be guided by the excellent trainer & life coach.


Tiziana Barca

Candidates & Service Management Director, Adecco Group AG

I definitely enjoyed the Train-the-Trainer program, it has been amazing!! The content, your extraordinary way to be effective, so cheerful and able to create such a spontaneous engaging learning experience! I’m sure, as happened to me, our colleagues could learn a lot from this program. Thank you for (I would not say teaching or coaching nor sharing) making us learn by living your experience, knowledge and tips regarding your great job.



VP for digital operation, Fork Technologies, Bangalore

I was curious to understand what NLP is all about and how it will help me understand myself and to address some of the challenges i face both on a personal level and as a professional. I think Born In Flight did fantastic job in arranging this workshop professionally and I think the best part of the workshop for me was to meet people from different walks of life, which enriched the whole experience for me and with little bit of more practice on a sustained basis NLP would do wonders to me as a person.


Abhishek Kedia

Deputy Manager, Deloitte, Bangalore

The experience was really good. The playing with number actually we do everyday but this was an innovative way to play with numbers. We definitely learned about team building, how to interact, how to communicate with the team. Definitely a great experience. Thank you Born In Flight.



Talent Team, Deloitte, Bangalore

The program was awesome and it was more of fun based. The main thing which i liked about the program was, it was not a gyan session. Everything was communicated through games. It was very short and crisp. Thank you.