Work motivation

You would know famous leaders and they might inspire you also. Similarly in a workplace, a leader inspires other employees. People desire to reach that position however the seat is not easy to maintain. When the employees deviate from  work motivation, the productivity and outcome gets directly affected. But when leaders get trained to think like a coach, the problems become easy to solve. 

Leaders might have to be an example of consistency where he/she has to also work hard. At times others might not have the motivation to work. Leaders here have to encourage them to continue working and achieve the results. They might feel drained out and not interested in the work they are performing. The need of a leader here would be to think like a coach and make the process of completing the assigned task for the employees to be filled with encouragement and enjoyment. They are expected to strike a balance between work and acknowledgments given to the employee just like a professional coach would do. Rewards and appreciation allow employees to continue working hard with a commitment to achieving their assigned goals. Further the leader also aims at allotment of work depending upon employees interests so they enjoy working. 

When leaders think like a coach, they will be able to assist employees in dealing with low motivation, lack of interest and dedication, and drained-out feelings. Their mindset begins towards solving the issue and managing work motivation or dedication towards assigned work. A coach identifies the cause of lack of motivation, which could be less interest, rewards, acknowledgment or excessive workload. Leaders who would think like a coach also develop the solutions for the cause of lack of motivation to work. They aim to bring back the same or more motivation and encouragement which results in increased productivity and outcomes.